Can ChatGPT be used for medical coding?

ChatGPT medical coding

The dynamism in the healthcare industry is unprecedented. The highly skilled medical coders are the backbone of the healthcare industry and play a pivotal role in facilitating effective communication between healthcare providers, payers, and researchers. Now, with the advent of AI and innovative tools like ChatGPT, medical coders are indeed getting a helping hand. Though, […]

5 Tips to Improve Medical Coding Quality

Medical coding quality

Medical coding is like the backbone of the healthcare industry which ensures accurate documentation and reimbursement. For medical coders, it becomes paramount to strive for accuracy. No organization would like to lose dollars due to discharges not billed or any other coding-related denials. Medical coding errors cost healthcare facilities its finances and reputation and even […]

AAPC Local Chapter Conference

Join us at the AAPC Local Chapter Conference-2023 as Jessica Miller, MEDICODIO’s subject matter expert unravels the latest technological advancements in medical coding that are reshaping the industry. From AI-driven solutions to other automation tools, she’ll shed light on how these technologies are streamlining medical coding processes, enhancing accuracy, and improving billing processes. 📍 Location: […]