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Coding automation that’s loved by hospitals, billers and coders!
Lorelei Parker
Lorelei Parker
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Medicodio’s solutions have really improved our coding and billing processes. Our coding is now more timely and accurate!
Ortmann Healthcare Consulting Services
Ortmann Healthcare Consulting Services
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Since switching to MediCodio, my office has had more time to focus on collections and patient billing. Our coding is so streamlined, I don’t even have to think about it


There are checklists available online but the most basic questions you should ask yourself include the following:

Do you have the data? Do you have IT and EHR support? Are you currently optimizing your current software and data exported from it?

Next, identify your needs and ask what is the goal for implementing the AI, ultimately what process are you looking to streamline- claims, authorizations, coding?

Analyze your options, conferences, trade shows, online, KLAS resources, all sorts of independent reviews happen on this software and the data is usually public knowledge.

Once you decide, inform your whole team and prepare them for implementation. And finally, develop internal support for your staff with super users, as well as utilizing the software support staff.

Accelerate Code Selection: Thanks to AI and ML, which empower CODIO to automatically suggest accurate codes in a shorter time. This allows medical coders to accelerate their coding process.

Increase Medical Coding Accuracy: By thoroughly understanding and retrieving physicians’ notes and other medical reports of patients, CODIO can deliver greater accuracy.

Easy Integration: Integrate your processes with any EHR or billing system to suit specific payer contracts and EMR/Clearinghouse systems. Medical Code Lookup: Codio’s ICD/CPT search function automatically identifies codes for all procedures and treatments. It eliminates the need for medical coders to search for codes across numerous sources and publications.

Code Prediction for All Specialties: Medical coders don’t have to worry if they are not specialized in all the specialties. CODIO helps predict the correct codes in less time.

  • Some of the important reports include user report- production by chart and specialty
  • EMR results- charge entry, code output, code utilization, EHR utilization, and case count by physician/specialty
  • Eliminating repetitive Data Entry
  • Allows the Coder to focus on verifying Codes Suggested by AI, eliminating time consuming search for code data.
  • Increased efficiency as AI improves over time with machine learning.
  • Faster turnaround for operative report processing
  • Zero learning curve on all EHR/EMR/PM systems
  • No need for additional code search tools/software licenses
  • No need to navigate to additional websites for LCD/NCCI code validation.
  • 100% HIPAA compliant
  • Learn complex specialty coding faster
  1. Read Data From various EHRs
  2. Medical Code Prediction for all Surgical Specialties
  3. CPT/ICD Search Function
  4. Automatic NCCI Edit Check
  5. Claim Charge Capture reporting
  6. Detailed Dashboards
  7. Easy to Use

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