AI Will Not Replace You, but a Person Using AI Will!

AI Will Not Replace You, but a Person Using AI Will!

Are you one of those who are curious to know “if Artificial intelligence (AI) will replace you?” If yes, then you are in the right place. AI has created a buzz around the world over the past decade. But is it worth the hype?

This article will unravel the truth about whether AI will replace you or not and help you decide if the hype is worth it.

One of the major reasons why people strongly believe that AI will take away most occupations is because of the AI’s ability to automate most of the human tasks.

However, this perception is formed by looking only at the capabilities of AI and not the limitations.

There is no doubt about AI’s ability to learn and make decisions based on the retrieved data, but AI without human support cannot become more advanced. While AI technology still needs people to develop and test, it is safe to say it will not replace your job, but people well-acquainted with AI may surely fill your spot.


The Harward Business Review’s survey on technology implementation strategies and barriers rightly states, “Competing in the age of AI is not about being technology-driven per se; but, rather, is about human talent and new organizational structures that use technology to bring out the best in people.”

With that said, let’s look at some of the reasons why AI will not replace your job.

As per research conducted by Goldman Sachs, overall, only two-thirds of current jobs in the US and the European Union are exposed to some degree of AI automation.

It’s just the beginning!

AI is still in its infancy and yet to be explored to its full capability. It needs several enhancements to match human intelligence and creativity. Even though AI can process and analyze a sea of data, it lacks human emotions, creativity, critical thinking, and intelligence. AI needs super computing power, which is highly expensive and not everyone can afford it. In addition, AI lacks the ability to handle unstructured data and make decisions in challenging circumstances, which are crucial for many jobs.

Designed to support humans, not replace!

Another significant aspect many people fail to understand is that AI is designed to augment human intelligence and capabilities; it is not developed to substitute human work. The sole purpose of AI is to support humans in their daily tasks and improve their efficiency and productivity. For instance, AI-powered tools like MediCodio are built to simplify the lives of medical coders by automating medical coding workflows, but they cannot replace medical coders know-how and experience. AI technology, when combined with human skills and intelligence, can create wonders.

Lack of awareness

It is true that we can use AI in various areas of business as a superior replacement for conventional technologies. However, the truth is that most people are not aware of the technology, how to use and implement it. Only a small percentage of individuals, excluding tech savvy people, college students, and researchers, are aware of the possibilities of AI. This should assure that the chances of AI stealing your jobs completely is negligible.

Before you heave a sigh of relief, we would like to emphasize that AI replacing human jobs completely might be a far-fetched thought, but people who have mastered AI can easily replace your job.

Yes, you heard us right! If you have hands-on experience and well-rounded knowledge about AI, you can easily get ahead of your peers, as you will be more efficient than the rest. You can make decisions faster, which will have a positive impact on your productivity.

We must embrace AI as a tool instead of running away from it or fearing it. AI has the potential to fundamentally alter our world in the coming decades. You can benefit from this change and elevate your value to employers by learning more about AI tools, revamping your critical thinking skills, and spotting disruption.

With the proper skill sets and experience, people specialized in artificial intelligence will continue to be in demand for many years to come.

In conclusion, all we have to say is that AI is a powerful tool, but it has not reached a level where it can replace human jobs. For example, the recently launched AI-powered ChatGPT can write poems and articles beautifully. But, if you observe carefully, you’ll notice the dearth of creativity, emotions, and freshness.

As of today, AI technology is far from perfect. It can surely automate most of the time-consuming and repetitive tasks, but it requires human support to reach greater heights.

That’s it from us.

We are eager to know your thoughts about artificial intelligence. Do you think AI will replace your jobs or will there be more opportunities because of advanced AI technologies? Join the debate in our LinkedIn page


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