How is AI Quickly Taking Medical Coding to the Next Level?

Do you know that around 30% of healthcare institutions and ambulatory surgery centers (ASCs) still use a manual medical coding approach? Yes, that’s astonishing, especially in today’s AI-driven world. No wonder, the hospital claim denial rates are spiking up, with the most recent increase being 23 percent in 2020. There are several medical coders still stuck with outdated and inefficient […]


Top 3 trends in the coding industry you need to know right now

Covid-19 brought about a 360-degree change in the healthcare industry. Right from systems to treatments, everything is witnessing a shift. Hospital administrators are having a difficult time managing and accommodating the changes. Medical coding is one department to see a massive transformation – a higher number of charts, new codes, and digitization- all happening at […]


How to Choose Appropriate Medical Codes?

Are your medical coders finding it hard to predict codes that are outside of their specialties? Choosing accurate medical codes for various procedures and treatments can be a daunting task for medical coders. The major challenge is identifying appropriate medical codes immediately from hundreds of unique codes from unstructured clinical notes. If coders have limited […]

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