MediCodio Offers Strong Compliance Foundation: ISO/IEC 27001:2022 and HIPAA certification! What does it mean for you?

HIPAA compliance

At MediCodio, we understand the importance of being HIPAA-compliant and ISO certified. These certifications are crucial for protecting sensitive health information and ensuring high standards of quality and security of our products and services. These certifications help us build trust with clients and partners, enhance operational efficiency, and reduce the risk of data breaches and […]

A Technical Overview of MediCodio’s AI Medical Coding Engine

MediCodio's AI medical coding

The transformative power of artificial intelligence (AI) is evident across various sectors, indicating a paradigm shift in how businesses operate and compete. However, the healthcare industry is lagging when it comes to AI adoption. This is because most healthcare departments are still accustomed to a manual approach. Especially in healthcare revenue cycle departments, the manual […]

Pediatric Medical Coding Using Artificial Intelligence (AI)

Pediatric Medical Coding 2024

Pediatricians are overwhelmed by the influx of patients. They have to strike a perfect balance between providing excellent patient care and managing the administrative side of their practices. This can be a tedious and time-consuming task, especially when it comes to pediatric medical coding and billing.

Exploring the Impact of AI on Medical Coders

AI on medical coders

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is transforming various industries, and healthcare is no exception. One area witnessing significant transformation is medical coding, where AI revolutionizes how medical coders work. AI is beneficial to both medical coders as well as healthcare facilities. This blog highlights the profound impact of AI on medical coders, shedding light on the benefits […]

How Many Medical Charts Can a Medical Coder Process Per Day?

Medical charts

Medical Coders are one of the valuable resources that play a crucial role in the healthcare organization’s RCM journey. Without medical coders, it is hard for healthcare facilities to manage medical charts and get reimbursed for the medical services they provide. However, many aspiring medical coders and medical coding enthusiasts wonder how many medical charts […]

What is Assistive AI in Medical Coding?

Assistive AI and Healthcare

Assistive AI in healthcare leverages advanced algorithms to enhance patient care, optimize workflows, and improve diagnostic accuracy. From personalized treatment plans to predictive analytics, AI transforms healthcare delivery for better outcomes.

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