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The Best Medical Coding Software for Medical Coders

The Best Medical Coding Software for Medical Coders

Do you believe the medical coding process is simple? If you think so, we are going to bust that myth. The medical coding process is a time-consuming and tedious process. On average, a whopping 3000 patients visit a hospital every day in the United States. Before beginning treatment, patients are referred to multiple physicians and subjected to a variety of diagnoses, procedures, and treatments. Gathering all the medical reports from doctors, accessing multiple EHR/EMR systems to get more details about the patient, and turning that into a set of codes is an uphill battle for medical coders. Furthermore, gaining access to various EMR systems without remembering or having the password is akin to boiling the ocean. The medical coding process is loaded with data, transferring such huge amounts of information has never been easy. In such a situation, it is natural for medical coders and healthcare providers to wish for an automated solution and seek out the best medical coding software that can automate coding tasks, increase productivity, and make coders’ lives easier. 

 MediCodio is making this wish a reality. MediCodio has developed an AI-powered coding platform, Codio, that improves medical coding accuracy, efficiency, and productivity.

Your search for the best medical coding software ends with MediCodio. Discover how this automated medical coding tool can increase business productivity and improve efficiency. 

How does Codio work? 

  • Codio makes use of API and RPA to read patient data from EHR systems and physicians’ notes/charts.  
  • The collected data is analyzed and processed using AI algorithms, ML and NLP.  
  • By referring to analyzed data, Codio suggests medical codes (CPT, ICD 10, HCPCS, Modifiers). All credits to AI and deep learning, Codio can pick codes accurately considering all the parameters.  
  • MediCodio allows the medical coder to review codes generated upon reading the charts. 
  • These selected codes are then sent to claim & billing systems. If there are any errors, MediCodio flags the record for review.  
  • Codio learns and adapts over time leveraging machine learning. 

What’s in it for you? 

Delivered as Software as a Service (MCaaS), Codio is jam-packed with features that make it a reliable coding assistant. Codio is an easy-to-use tool in which all the patient data can be stored and accessed from a unified place. 

  • Reduce medical coding costs: Every year healthcare organizations lose millions of dollars due to common coding and claim processing errors. Importantly, every aspect of patients’ information and the insurance benefits they are entitled to must be collected accurately. AI-powered Codio can help medical coders avoid mistakes during coding and save a significant amount of capital. 
  • Improve efficiency: The automated medical coding tool can collect data and choose codes accurately in less time which will help healthcare providers to improve efficiency by up to 45%. 
  • Comply with coding regulations: Medical coding is known to undergo frequent guideline and mandate changes. Codio allows medical coders to be well-versed in both traditional and new coding regulations to ensure their codes adhere to all the necessary guidelines. 
  • Develop a flawless submission process: The best medical coding software always ensures to review all documents before submission. Codio eliminates time-consuming and costly processes of resubmission and appeal by thoroughly reviewing documents. 
  • Easy to use: Codio can be used by anyone with a little technical knowledge. It requires minimum training for medical coders. 
  • Seamless Integration: Customize your workflows to fit specific payer contracts and EMR/Clearinghouse systems by integrating them with any EHR or billing system. 
  • Save time: Reduce coding turnaround time while increasing code accuracy and preventing down coding

Or you can select our Medical Coding as a Service (MCaaS) and let us handle the complete process for you! 

 All in all, whether you are a healthcare provider or RCM company wanting to deploy the best medical coding software, look no further than MediCodio. Especially at a time when AI technology is revolutionizing the healthcare industry, MediCodio is at the forefront of helping medical coders simplify their lives. Medical coders are an integral part of healthcare’s revenue cycle management process. While healthcare organizations and RCM companies are striving to improve efficiency, increase productivity, and reduce coding errors, an AI-based automated medical coding tool such as MediCodio has never been more important.

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