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Can AI be used for Medical Code Auditing?

Medical code auditing is a crucial process in the healthcare sector. With the rise of advanced technologies, medical code auditing is reaching new heights. Artificial Intelligence (AI) has demonstrated its value across various healthcare business operations, and medical code auditing is certainly no exception. AI is going to become the most reliable resource for Medical […]


Medical Claim Processing Will Never Be the Same – Thanks to AI!

In the realm of healthcare operations, if you were to ask any medical professional or office manager about the most challenging aspect, chances are they’d all point to medical claim processing. The Medical claims don’t always come in the standard format. It has its own complications. Unstructured documents, documentation errors, missing information, and so on. […]

Clinical Documentation Improvement

Clinical Documentation Improvement (CDI) Program

In medical coding, clinical documentation is the process of creating a digital document of all the medical services provided to a patient.  To ensure accurate patient clinical documentation, most healthcare facilities employ clinical documentation improvement (CDI) specialists to review each patient’s clinical documentation and make certain it is comprehensive. Incorrect medical documentation can negatively impact […]

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