How AI-powered Medical Coding Works?

How AI-powered Medical Coding Works?

AI-powered medical coding is a cutting-edge technology that utilizes artificial intelligence algorithms to automate the process of medical coding. The technology analyzes medical records and extracts relevant information, and assigns medical codes. This reduces the risk of human error and improves coding accuracy.

MediCodio is an automated medical coding solution. It suggests medical codes (CPT, ICD10, HCPCS, modifiers) by reading patient demographic information from EHR systems and Physician Notes/charts. This enables 45% better efficiency. 

This is how MediCodio works to give you accurate codes, while increasing efficiency:

Step 1: Read data from EHR (API/RPA/Manual)

MediCodio collects medical records, including patient information, diagnoses, and procedures. This data is then organized and stored in a database, making it accessible to AI algorithms.

Step 2: Send to AI Coding Engine

Once MediCodio has the data, it analyzes the medical records using AI algorithms. MediCodio is trained to identify and extract relevant information (diagnoses, procedures, and medical terms). This information is processed through next generation AI/ML and Natural Language Processing technology.

Step 3: AI/ML Engine suggests code

The tool then suggests medical billing codes based on a level of appropriateness. To ensure the highest level of accuracy, Medicodio checks each code against a database of medical codes. In case of any errors, MediCodio flags the record for review.

Step 4: Experienced medical coder picks/approves code

MediCodio allows medical coders to review codes generated upon reading the charts. In the meantime, it checks for LCD requirements and verifies NCCI edits.

Further, MediCodio is updated every time there are changes to the code, so you don’t have to worry about assigning obsolete codes.

Step 5: Push data back to EHR or claim system (API/RPA/Manual)

Once the medical coder reviews the codes and gives the final go-ahead, the chart is again sent to the EHR system. The bot takes over the process of manually entering the coding data. Human intervention is required afterwards to review the entered data and post the charges to the claim. This eases the coder’s work in repetitive data entry, requiring only a verification that takes a few seconds. 

MediCodio acts as a database storehouse and coding engine. The storing of the coded medical records is done in the cloud database, making them accessible for analysis and reporting. The database can be used to track patient health trends, determine reimbursement, and support decision-making processes.

All of these steps happen within a few minutes and with just a few clicks, the medical coders have their charts, ready to be sent to the medical biller for further processing.

More on MediCodio

MediCodio is a tailor-made solution for medical coders. Codio, your coding assistant is an expert in reading more than 50,000 codes across ICD-10, CPS, and HCPCS. It strikes a beautiful balance between AI and human intervention, reducing the scope for errors.

The automation of manual tasks such as data extraction and code assignment also reduce the time and effort required from medical coders, allowing them to focus on more complex coding tasks.

In conclusion, AI-powered medical coding is a valuable tool for healthcare providers, offering improved accuracy, efficiency, and data management. By embracing the use of AI in medical coding, healthcare providers can ensure that patient records are accurate and up to date, supporting informed decision-making and improving patient care.

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