How Artificial Intelligence Can Help Medical Coders Improve Efficiency

How Artificial Intelligence Can Help Medical Coders Improve Efficiency

Medical coders are an essential part of the U.S. healthcare system. They translate the documentation of a patient’s medical interaction – the records of their services, procedures and treatments – into standardized codes that tell insurance companies and other payers essential information about the patient’s medical interaction. This unified set of codes defines the patient’s diagnosis, treatment, services and procedures.  

Medical coding is a complex endeavor. There are three different medical coding systems, each of which is different, and thousands of unique medical codes that medical coders must review as part of the selection process. Additionally, healthcare regulations involving coding are consistently changing and coders must take those changes into consideration.

“Medical coders are required to use massive lists to search for and select appropriate codes in an ever-changing regulatory environment.”

Artificial intelligence has optimized technology workflows and improved efficiencies across a range of industries. It offers a valuable ability to help improve efficiency, reduce complexity and support better patient outcomes in medical coding as well.

AI’s greatest value in in medical coding and billing is in its ability to automate workflows and accelerate code selection. A targeted AI solution for medical coders like Codio can drive efficiency and increase productivity by retrieving patient chart data from a patient’s electronic health record and, after analyzing the record, suggesting the appropriate medical codes for a coder’s review and selection.

AI solutions also improve over time through machine learning and the ability for AI to provide predictive intelligence can drive substantial improvements in productivity and reduce errors.

Effective medical coding AI solutions are designed to support the expertise of medical coders. By automating more redundant and manual tasks and minimizing the need to conduct in-depth code searches, AI can help medical coders be more efficient, accurate and targeted.

As the medical coding industry continues to grow at a high rate (the U.S. Department of Labor predicts an eight percent growth for the industry over the next decade), AI-driven technology solutions can reduce unnecessary components in medical coding workflows and enable medical coders to focus their expertise on more complex and meaningful parts of their profession.

Codio is a new medical coding assistant developed by Medicodio, an artificial intelligence and machine learning technology company founded by seasoned entrepreneurs Umesh Vaidyamath and Raj Vaidyamath. This AI solution for medical coding and billing is positioned to optimize the medical coding industry by enabling coders to complete their work faster and more accurately by developing AI-powered digital worker bots that can streamline, optimize and scale medical coding workflows.

Codio has been shown to improve productivity by 45% and increase accuracy by 85% in 15 supported specialties. The company is fully HIPAA compliant and additionally offers Medical Coding as a Service (MCaaS). This turnkey solution handles hospitals and other medical organizations’ entire coding needs from end to end, enabling them to scale effortlessly while reducing operational costs, shorten payment cycles and mitigate audit risks with world-class technology and protocols.


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