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NCCI Edits lookup Using AI: Key to Accurate Medical Coding

One of the biggest challenges for medical coders is ensuring that they are following the guidelines of the Medicare National Correct Coding Initiative (NCCI). The Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) developed the NCCI program to monitor and manage improper coding. The objective of the NCCI Edits lookup feature is to raise awareness of the correct coding methodologies. NCCI edits are mainly developed to encourage hospitals and RCM companies to use correct coding and prevent improper payments by gathering component codes into a more inclusive code.

The NCCI edits consist of Procedure-to-Procedure (PTP) edits and Medically Unlikely Edits (MUE). PTP edits apply to coding two or more procedure codes that should not be reported together during the same operative session or encounter. MUEs apply to the coding of one procedure code that exceeds the expected maximum number of units.

In simple words, NCCI helps medical coders stay within the guidelines and maintain compliance. In this post, we’ll look at the importance of NCCI edits in medical coding and how AI is simplifying the lives of medical coders when it comes to meeting NCCI guidelines.

The Importance of NCCI Edits Lookup in Medical Coding

The NCCI edit lookup plays a crucial role in accurate medical coding. NCCI edits help prevent improper payments by identifying incorrect coding practices that could lead to fraud or abuse. They also promote accuracy and consistency in medical coding by providing a standardized set of rules for coders to follow.

NCCI edits lookup help coders identify when procedures are bundled together, which means that the payer will only reimburse for one of the bundled procedures. This helps prevent double billing and ensures that patients are not overcharged for medical services.

NCCI edits also help coders identify when a procedure is unlikely to be performed in the way it was coded. This helps prevent overbilling for unnecessary procedures and helps to ensure that patients receive appropriate care.

The Challenge

Now that we know the importance of NCCI edit lookup, let’s look at how this stringent initiative is troubling medical coders. As they say, nothing good ever comes that easily. Similarly, the NCCI edits, even though they help medical coders be in line with the coding guidelines, the process of verifying these regulations is a time-consuming task. Medical coders have to navigate and switch tabs to the CMS website every time to verify NCD, LCD, and other policies. This makes the medical coding process tedious and time-consuming. While switching across multiple tabs, there is a high chance of medical coders making mistakes, leading to claim denials.

This is where MEDICODIO’s NCCI Edits lookup feature plays a crucial role in helping medical coders and healthcare organizations to streamline their coding process and improve revenue.

The Solution

MEDICODIO offers AI-powered medical coding technology that will automatically check for NCCI edits, eliminating the need for medical coders to switch between multiple tabs. MEDICODIO’s AI-powered coding assistant, CODIO, acts as an NCCI edits lookup tool while assisting coders in following the coding guidelines.

CODIO automates the coding process, making it faster, more accurate, and more efficient. MEDICODIO’s NCCI edits lookup feature verifies the assigned code and notifies if there are any bundling issues. By reducing coding errors and improving accuracy, MEDICODIO’s AI platform minimizes the claim denial rate.

The AI-driven technology offered by MEDICODIO also has additional noteworthy capabilities aside from the NCCI Edits Check feature.

Accelerate Code Selection: Thanks to AI and ML, which empower CODIO to automatically suggest accurate codes in a shorter time. This allows medical coders to accelerate their coding process.

Increase Medical Coding Accuracy: By thoroughly understanding and retrieving physicians’ notes and other medical reports of patients, CODIO can deliver greater accuracy.

Easy Integration: Integrate your processes with any EHR or billing system to suit specific payer contracts and EMR/Clearinghouse systems.

Medical Code LookupCodio’s ICD/CPT search function automatically identifies codes for all procedures and treatments. It eliminates the need for medical coders to search for codes across numerous sources and publications.

Code Prediction for All Specialties: Medical coders don’t have to worry if they are not specialized in all the specialties. CODIO helps predict the correct codes in less time.

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If you’re looking for an AI platform with an NCCI edits lookup feature and all of the above features for success in medical coding and revenue cycle management, look no further than MEDICODIO. Our platform is designed to keep accuracy, coding speed, and workflow integration in mind – everything you need to streamline your medical coding and billing process.

Schedule a demo today to see CODIO in action and learn more about how we can help optimize your medical coding and healthcare revenue cycle today.

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