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CODIO - Software as a Service

Introducing CODIO - Your AI-Powered Medical Coding Solution

Designed for medical coders in healthcare facilities and RCM companies.

Experience the transformative power of CODIO, a leading Software as a Service (SaaS) tool built to streamline your medical coding workflow. Harnessing the intelligence of AI, CODIO not only automates but also quickens your medical coding process, leading to a substantial boost in revenue.

Bid adieu to inconsistencies that often stem from EHR data interpretation. CODIO is your smart assistant that uses API and RPA to read patient data from any EHR/EMR/Physician Notes, subsequently proposing the most suitable codes. To ensure accuracy, these codes are then validated by professional medical coders within your organization prior to being integrated into your billing systems. With CODIO, experience the future of efficient and effective medical coding.

Is the current medical coding software serving the purpose? 

The perfect solution to facilitate the technology in-house 

AI-Driven Precision ensures medical coding accuracy and compliance, reducing the risk of errors, denials, and revenue loss.

Unprecedented Speed

Continuous learning with advanced machine learning capabilities

All Medical Specialties Supported

Improve Medical Coder efficiency by automating repetitive tasks

Seamless integration with all EHR/EMR systems

HIPAA Compliant

User-friendly interface

Value Proposition

Versatility, multi-speciality support and multiple integrations: that’s what she brings!
Fast time





More accurate



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Reduced claim denials

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Increased revenue


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Coding automation that’s loved by hospitals, billers and coders!
Lorelei Parker
Lorelei Parker
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Medicodio’s solutions have really improved our coding and billing processes. Our coding is now more timely and accurate!
Ortmann Healthcare Consulting Services
Ortmann Healthcare Consulting Services
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Since switching to MediCodio, my office has had more time to focus on collections and patient billing. Our coding is so streamlined, I don’t even have to think about it


CODIO is an AI-powered medical coding assistant which will help you streamline and accelerate medical coding process.

An AI-powered medical coding assistant is a software application that uses artificial intelligence (AI) algorithms to assist in the process of assigning appropriate medical codes to healthcare procedures, diagnoses, and treatments. It automates and streamlines the coding process, reducing the manual effort required by human coders.

CODIO is mainly designed for healthcare providers, RCM companies, and medical coders.

  • Eliminates repetitive Data Entry
  • Allows the Coder to focus on verifying Codes Suggested by AI,
  • Reduces time consuming search for code data.
  • Learns over time with machine learning.

AI medical coding software offer several advantages, including increased coding accuracy, reduced coding errors, improved coding speed, enhanced productivity, and cost savings. They can also help in reducing the workload on human coders and allowing them to focus on more complex coding tasks.

  1. Read Data From various EHRs
  2. Medical Code Prediction for all Surgical Specialties
  3. CPT/ICD Search Function
  4. Automatic NCCI Edit Check
  5. Claim Charge Capture reporting
  6. Detailed Dashboards
  7. Easy to Use

Yes. AI-powered coding tools have shown promising accuracy rates. However, it’s important to note that they are designed to assist human coders rather than replace them entirely. While AI algorithms can analyze large amounts of data quickly, they still benefit from human oversight to ensure accuracy and resolve any discrepancies.

All thanks to deep learning and machine learning. CODIO is capable of handling complex coding scenarios. They can analyze unstructured data and identify relevant codes for a wide range of medical conditions and procedures. 

CODIO can significantly impact healthcare professionals by reducing their administrative burden, improving workflow efficiency, and enabling them to focus on more value-added tasks. They can also help in reducing coding-related errors and ensuring more accurate documentation.

Yes, CODIO is designed to integrate seamlessly with existing healthcare systems, such as electronic health record (EHR) systems or practice management software. Integration allows for efficient data exchange and ensures a smooth coding workflow without disrupting the existing infrastructure.

CODIO is not intended to replace human coders but rather to empower them in their work. While these tools can automate repetitive tasks and enhance coding efficiency, human coders are still essential for complex coding scenarios, clinical judgment, and quality assurance.


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