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The Value of Artificial Intelligence in Medical Coding and Billing

The Value of Artificial Intelligence in Medical Coding and Billing

Artificial intelligence continues to show great promise in streamlining business operations to improve efficiency, reduce the need for redundant activities and increase the effectiveness of key business workflows. In the healthcare industry, and specifically in revenue cycle management, AI-powered technologies like Codio are being adopted by forward-thinking organizations seeking to improve the efficiency and accuracy of their medical coding and billing operations.

Codio uses AI, machine learning and robotic process automation to deliver scalable solutions that offer many key advantages to hospitals and medical coding organizations seeking to enhance operations through AI and machine learning. Codio is more than just a reference tool – it uses the latest in machine learning and robotic process automation innovation to analyze doctor and patient notes and data in the EHR, and utilizes that analysis to suggest optimal medical codes for the coder. This real-time event immediately improves the coder’s efficiency by removing the need to research through the thousands of codes available for the optimal operational selection.

Codio’s AI-powered technology reviews and analyzes patient chart data in the EHR, suggests codes for human review and verification, and completes the workflow between chart and code.

Codio also improves the efficiency of medical coding teams by optimizing the coding and billing workflow, but it also increases accuracy. When a coder makes a coding mistake, the AI application offers a revised suggestion and immediately provides the means to fix the error. This increases the speed and efficacy of the overall coding enterprise, driving better business performance and patient outcomes.

Because Codio integrates into existing workflows, it creates an optimized workflow experience. By automatically analyzing existing EHR data, retrieving and manipulating relevant information, and providing intelligent code selections to professional medical coders. This enables coders to avoid redundant activities, reduce the amount of time spent searching for relevant medical codes, and increase accuracy in activities and actions.

And, as coding continues to increase in complexity because healthcare providers are focusing on being more accurate in how they charge for treatments, the industry need strengthens for AI to optimize and automate key workflows to improve accuracy and productivity.

The medical coding profession requires that medical coders and billers have access to and ability to select from thousands of medical code sets (including ICD-10, CPT and HCPCS codes) that are continually updated. Complex medical information needs to be converted into clearly delineated codes in order to ensure optimal billing and patient management.

Codio enables healthcare organizations to streamline, optimize and scale medical coding workflows in order to improve accuracy and increase efficiency.

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