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Answer to All Automated Medical Coding Implementation Doubts


Many individuals working in healthcare facilities or RCM companies have preconceived notions about automated medical coding powered by AI and its implications in the medical coding process. These perceptions often stem from past experiences with other solutions that were upsetting or stressful.

We completely understand their situation. The major reason for disappointment is overpromising and underdelivering by AI technology providers within the healthcare space.

Although many people recognize the benefits of using automated medical coding solutions powered by AI, they may be hesitant to fully commit due to concerns about the time and resources required for implementation. Most of them believe the implementation process is too complicated.

Here are a few other reasons why there is skepticism within the AI healthcare space.

      1. The technology is still in its early stages of development. AI is a rapidly evolving field, and breakthroughs are being made all the time.
      2. They believe that the data used to train AI models is often not representative of real-world patient data.
      3. The regulatory environment for AI in healthcare is complex and challenging. In order to be used in healthcare settings, AI systems must meet certain regulatory requirements.

    Let’s debunk the myth!

    Our AI automated medical coding tool is designed to implement and use effortlessly, with minimal IT support required. This means that you can start saving time and money on coding right away, without having to disrupt your workflow or invest in expensive IT resources.

    What about the setup process?

    People are worried about straining already burdened IT teams. Given the current workload, it is not reasonable to expect medical coders to take on implementation responsibilities. They are already at maximum capacity.

    Here is a clear picture for you!

    At MEDICODIO, our delivery managers and SMEs ensure a seamless implementation process by handling the majority of the workload themselves, sparing our clients from any undue stress or effort. They will interact with the coding and IT teams to get basic information such as coding workflow and an understanding of their rules. Having a comprehensive grasp of their goals and guidelines is of utmost importance while developing the coding framework in line with their requirements.

    What’s the IT requirement to deploy CODIO?

    As a first step, we collect our client’s patient data as a sample to train our models. We support all the EHR/EMR systems and accept all data formats. Providing our IT team with more sample data will improve the performance of the model. Larger volumes of sample data will help our AI model become more familiar with coding guidelines and unique data templates, resulting in increased accuracy and automation rates.

    What help do we need from the clients’ coding team during deployment?

    All we need is an EMR/EHR/PM system’s login credentials. 

    Our process is designed to handle the setup effortlessly, sparing our clients’ internal coding and IT teams from any arduous tasks.

    How long does the CODIO setup take?

    Anywhere from two to three weeks, depending on a few factors. 

    The setup process can be impacted by the complexity of a client’s coding guidelines. Fortunately,our model already includes standard CMS guidelines, which allow for a quicker process. However, if custom coding guidelines are in place, implementation may take longer.

    Additionally, highly customized workflows can lengthen the process. Our team works closely with the client’s IT team to ensure that all data is properly mapped within their system.

    Through iterations and optimizations, we can finalize the process within a few months across all locations. It’s important to note that our clients consistently experience a positive ROI and benefit from high levels of automation from day one after going live.

    How do we keep up our promises (85% accuracy, easy implementation, and 80% efficiency gains)?

    Our implementation process is efficient and easy to understand thanks to our advanced technology. This allows us to automate repetitive tasks and save time, while also ensuring accuracy by identifying and reducing claim denials. Additionally, we pinpoint instances of undercoding to help capture more revenue per visit.

    Also, thanks to our deep learning AI model, which collects unstructured data such as medical records, patient information, diagnoses, and procedures. And then it organizes it and interprets it the same way a human would. It can do so because we’ve trained it on several coding encounters.

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    All-in-all, we are known for our commitment. We never overpromise and underdeliver. When we say that our AI-powered medical coding solution can be implemented in all of your settings within two to three weeks, you can rest assured that we will make it happen.

    Are you still unsure? Do you have any questions or concerns? If you want to try our CODIO firsthand, please schedule a free demo!

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