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How Coding Automation is Saving Practices Time & Money

Coding automation

Physicians are going through a rough patch. This is evident by the significant decrease in the number of doctors post-pandemic, taking a toll on the patient-to-physician ratio. The increasing number of patients means extensive administrative work for physicians. This leads to less focus on patients and more burden on physicians. When there is a lack of emphasis on patient care and too much focus on administrative work, it can create obstacles in the RCM process. This can lead to issues with patient documentation, medical coding, and claim generation, all of which can directly affect the revenue of the healthcare practice. So, how can practices tackle this situation? Coding Automation is the answer!

Now, one could argue that coding automation is only confined to medical coders, and it has minimal impact on overall physician practice. This argument falls short when you look at it from a larger perspective. The technology used for coding automation has a far-reaching effect, having a positive impact on the entire RCM process from patient registration to claim processing and payment collection. This favorable outcome leads to patients’ good health and physicians’ happiness.

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4 Ways Coding Automation Can Assist a Practice

Coding automation can significantly improve a physician practice’s Revenue Cycle Management (RCM) process, streamlining workflows and boosting efficiency. Here’s a step-by-step breakdown of its positive impact:

1. Patient Registration:

      • Reduced Errors: Optical Character Recognition (OCR) technology can automatically extract data from insurance cards and driver’s licenses, minimizing manual entry errors and saving time.

    2. Pre-authorization:

        • Automated Eligibility Checks: Integration with insurance databases allows instant verification of patient insurance coverage and benefits, eliminating delays and ensuring accurate upfront estimates.

      3. Medical Coding:

          • Improved Accuracy: Natural Language Processing (NLP) can analyze physician notes and identify relevant diagnoses and procedures. AI-powered tools suggest appropriate codes, reducing human error and boosting coding consistency.

          • Increased Efficiency: Automation can handle routine coding tasks, freeing up coders to focus on complex cases and audits.

        4. Claim Processing and Payment Collection:

            • Faster Claim Submission: Automated claim scrubbing can identify and fix errors before submission, minimizing claim denials and speeding up reimbursements.

            • Enhanced Revenue Collection: Automated follow-up for denied or pending claims ensures timely resolution and faster cash flow.

          The Association of American Medical Colleges projects that there will be a shortage of up to 124,000 physicians by 2034. Beyond the impending shortage is the urgent need to address physician burnout.

          Coding Automation is the Key to Success

          Automating coding processes can significantly ease the workload of healthcare professionals. By utilizing AI technology, physicians are liberated from the time-consuming task of manual coding. This not only enhances the efficiency of the revenue cycle within the practice but also identifies incomplete or missing documentation promptly, allowing staff to rectify errors sooner. The streamlined approach facilitates more precise coding and revenue capture, ultimately providing physicians with additional time to dedicate to patient care.

          The implementation of AI medical coding in healthcare practices offers a substantial enhancement over traditional human coding methods. The precision and comprehensiveness inherent in AI coding contribute significantly to practices securing accurate reimbursement for the entirety of their services. The following real-life examples illustrate how this advantage materializes in primary care settings.

          In the current landscape, where physicians often find themselves overwhelmed with tasks, coding automation emerges as an intelligent solution to alleviate their administrative burdens. Simultaneously, it plays a pivotal role in optimizing revenue capture. For primary care practices grappling with the dual challenges of meeting increasing patient demand and efficiently managing billing processes, the integration of AI coding stands out as a strategic remedy.

          By leveraging AI technology, practices not only streamline the coding process but also ensure a higher degree of accuracy in capturing the services rendered. This, in turn, leads to improved reimbursement, as the automated system is adept at identifying and accounting for a broader range of billable activities compared to its human counterparts. The result is a more robust and efficient revenue cycle management system.

          For physicians, this translates into a more streamlined workflow, allowing them to focus on patient care rather than being bogged down by intricate coding tasks. The AI-driven automation acts as a supportive tool, enhancing the overall efficiency of the practice and offering relief to healthcare professionals who grapple with time constraints.

          Physicians can alleviate concerns about recruiting senior medical coders with expertise in every specialty, thanks to the capabilities of the AI tool. Unlike humans, who cannot memorize and possess in-depth knowledge across all specialties, AI gains a distinct advantage in handling diverse medical coding tasks.

          Overall, the integration of coding automation not only addresses the pressing need for reduced administrative burdens but also serves as a strategic solution for practices aiming to optimize revenue streams in the face of escalating patient demands. The adoption of this technology represents a positive step towards achieving a more efficient, accurate, and sustainable healthcare system.

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