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How is AI Quickly Taking Medical Coding to the Next Level?

How is AI Quickly Taking Medical Coding to the Next Level

Do you know that around 30% of healthcare institutions and ambulatory surgery centers (ASCs) still use a manual medical coding approach? Yes, that’s astonishing, especially in today’s AI-driven world.

No wonder, the hospital claim denial rates are spiking up, with the most recent increase being 23 percent in 2020.

There are several medical coders still stuck with outdated and inefficient medical coding processes. Traditional medical coding methods rely on manual data entry, which is labour-intensive, time-consuming, and prone to errors. The current International Standard for Medical coding, international classification of diseases (ICD)-11 has almost 55,000 diagnostic codes. It is four times higher than ICD-10 (active until Dec. 2021) which has 14,000 codes. Understanding and remembering all these codes is a challenging task for medical coders. Also, we can’t expect a medical coder to be expert at all specialities.

Manual coding requires specialized knowledge and training, which can be difficult to obtain and maintain. Furthermore, traditional medical coding can be costly, especially for smaller healthcare providers, as it requires hiring trained coders or outsourcing the coding process to third-party companies.

This is precisely where Artificial Intelligence (AI) marks its presence. AI has been instrumental in revolutionizing the healthcare industry. AI medical coding companies are at the forefront of this revolution, leveraging cutting-edge algorithms and machine-learning techniques to automate and streamline the coding process.

How AI is Revolutionizing Medical Coding?

AI has transformed medical coding by automating the coding process, minimizing errors, and improving efficiency. AI-powered coding tools use natural language processing (NLP) and machine learning algorithms to analyze medical records, identify relevant codes, and assign them automatically. AI coding tools can also learn from past coding decisions, improving their accuracy over time. Furthermore, AI coding tools can work faster than human coders, processing vast amounts of data in seconds, and reducing the time and cost of medical coding.

The benefits of AI in medical coding are numerous. Firstly, AI coding tools can reduce the error rate of medical coding, ensuring accurate and consistent documentation. Secondly, AI coding tools can reduce the time and cost of medical coding, enabling healthcare providers to allocate resources more efficiently. Thirdly, AI coding tools can improve patient outcomes by identifying trends and patterns in medical data, enabling early detection and intervention.

The Importance of Accurate Medical Coding

Accurate medical coding is crucial for several reasons. To begin with, it ensures that healthcare providers receive appropriate reimbursement for their services, reducing the claim denials. By maintaining coding accuracy, healthcare professionals can identify health trends, patterns, and outcomes, which helps in ensuring patient safety. By assigning accurate medical codes, medical coders help identify conditions that aid in preventing complications in the future. Additionally, accurate coding aids healthcare organizations in determining the true cost of a patient’s condition. Furthermore, medical coding is essential for complying with regulatory requirements, such as the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) and the Affordable Care Act (ACA).

All thanks to AI for making all of the above tasks simple and seamless.

Taking Medical Coding to the Next level with MEDICODIO’s AI-Assisted Medical Coding Software

At MEDICODIO, we have developed an AI-powered medical coding platform, CODIO, that empowers medical coders and healthcare professionals in carrying out end-to-end medical coding and billing tasks. Our goal is to improve the healthcare industry by reducing errors, saving time and money, improving productivity and increasing efficiency.

By reading data from charts, EHR systems and physician notes, CODIO suggests medical codes (CPT, ICD 10, HCPCS, Modifiers). All credits to AI and deep learning, CODIO can pick codes accurately considering all the parameters. These selected codes are then sent to claim & billing systems. If there are any errors, MEDICODIO flags the record for review.

With CODIO, a coder can code millions of charts per day at unparalleled accuracy. With codes input into MediCodio for more than 15 specialties, your team does not need to scan a big database to find the right code. MEDICODIO scans the charts and suggests the right code.

What’s in it for you?

Firstly, MEDICODIO doesn’t replace your medical coding team but augments their ability to code accurately and efficiently. We have two types of offering SaaS and MCaaS.

Delivered as Software as a Service (SaaS), CODIO is jam-packed with features that make it a reliable coding assistant. Choose our Medical Coding as a Service (MCaaS) and let us handle the entire process for you! CODIO is an easy-to-use tool in which all the patient data can be stored and accessed from a unified place.


      • Reduce costs: Every year healthcare organizations lose millions of dollars due to common coding and claim processing errors. AI-powered CODIO can help medical coders avoid mistakes during coding and save a significant amount of capital. They can also help to reduce administrative costs for healthcare organizations, as they can automate the coding process and eliminate the need for manual data entry.


        • Improve Accuracy: The automated medical coding tool can collect data and choose codes accurately in less time which will help healthcare providers to improve efficiency by up to 45%.

        • Comply with coding regulations: Medical coding is known to undergo frequent guideline and mandate changes. CODIO allows medical coders to be well-versed in both traditional and new coding regulations to ensure their codes adhere to all the necessary guidelines. It will cut down on regular training costs.

        • Develop a flawless submission process: The best medical coding software always ensures to review all documents before submission. CODIO eliminates time-consuming and costly processes of resubmission and appeal by thoroughly reviewing documents.

        • Easy to use: CODIO can be used by anyone with a little technical knowledge. It requires minimal training for medical coders.

        • Seamless Integration: Customize your workflows to fit specific payer contracts and EMR/Clearinghouse systems by integrating them with any EHR or billing system.

        • Save time: Reduce coding turnaround time while increasing code accuracy and preventing down coding.


      Overall, medical coding is a critical process that transforms medical diagnoses, procedures, and treatments of patients into alphanumeric codes for documentation and billing purposes. Medical coding also helps healthcare providers get reimbursed for their services and comply with regulatory requirements. However, traditional medical coding methods are time-consuming, error-prone, and costly. AI has emerged as a game-changer in the field of medical coding, offering unprecedented levels of accuracy, speed, and efficiency.

      Whether you are a healthcare provider or RCM company looking to improve medical coding and billing process, AI-powered medical coding tool like MEDICODIO can be of great value.

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