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How to Choose Appropriate Medical Codes?

How to Choose Appropriate Medical Codes?

Are your medical coders finding it hard to predict medical codes that are outside of their specialties?

Choosing accurate medical codes for various procedures and treatments can be a daunting task for medical coders. The major challenge is identifying appropriate medical codes immediately from hundreds of unique codes from unstructured clinical notes. If coders have limited knowledge about a particular specialty, they’ll surely have a nightmare.

There are numerous specializations in the medical coding and billing space, such as surgical, pathology, radiology, anesthesia, and many more. The harsh reality is that medical coding professionals are not skilled in every specialty. They often have expertise in a single specialty. This is one of the many aspects that cause medical coding delays and errors.

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Before we learn how to achieve accuracy, let’s understand the importance of accurate medical coding.

Why is it important to have accurate medical coding?

Medical coding is a tedious process that involves collecting patient data from various sources. The patient information is retrieved from hospitals, care centers, pathology labs, EHRs, EMRs, medical notes, transcriptions, and assessments. This data is then forwarded to medical coding firms or coders. By analyzing this information, medical coders predict and add appropriate medical codes, which further helps insurance companies and payers understand patients’ illness or injury and treatment history. For any insurance company to reimburse patients’ bills on time, they need accurate medical codes. A minute error in the process will lead to claim denials, delays in reimbursements, and a loss of revenue for hospitals.

This is the reason hospitals are looking for ways to ensure accurate medical coding.

Make Way for Artificial Intelligence (AI) in Medical Coding

The process of manual medical coding is time-consuming, expensive, tedious, and prone to errors. An automated medical coding tool can address all these shortcomings by performing an intelligent analysis of medical records and choosing appropriate ICD-10 medical codes with links to the supporting documentation.

One of the areas in which medical coders struggle is code prediction for all specialties. AI-powered medical coding solutions like MediCodio can easily resolve this problem.

With the help of AI-based medical coding automation tools, coders can easily predict medical codes, expand their knowledge, and learn new specialties, all while reducing coding timelines and costs. Medical coders get assurance in code selection using AI tools.

 AI medical coding tools use deep learning NLP models to automate the coding of complex events, procedures, and treatments. Using machine learning models, the algorithm used in the AI tools was trained on trillions of medical codes, procedures, and terms to become well acquainted with the medical space. The automated medical coding tools can optimize entire coding workflows and make coding more accurate, ensuring better payer outcomes. 

What issues does AI address in the medical coding space?

·       An AI-powered medical coding platform analyzes the data gathered from medical records and maps the information to correct ICD codes. The platform helps overcome the most common coding issues of manual coding and improves coding accuracy.

·       Another important issue that AI addresses is productivity and efficiency. It has the potential to help human coders code quickly and accurately while skipping repetitive tasks.

·       Just for the record, AI will not steal the medical coding job, but it will strengthen medical coders to perform better. For instance, if a medical coder makes an error, an AI tool can immediately spot the mistake and suggest recommendations to fix the error. This helps in increasing the speed at which the coder works.

·       Medical coders can earn trust by improving the accuracy of predicting codes.

·       Integrated with NLP capabilities, the AI system learns over time to ensure interpretation consistency and coding precision in the future. Medical coders can also learn about various new specialties using AI tools. The automated coding tool helps medical coders comply with the latest healthcare updates, guidelines, and regulations. The system can also point out potential compliance issues and documentation mistakes. 

Finding Medical Codes Made Easy

Over the past few decades, the medical coding industry has made great strides from moving away from manual, traditional settings to adopting modern healthcare IT solutions. A modern AI-assisted medical coding and billing platform can give healthcare and RCM companies a competitive edge as they grow and develop a robust care-delivery model.

At MediCodio, we revolutionize the medical coding process through our AI-enabled automated medical coding solutions. If you want to learn more about how we can assist you in overcoming the challenges in medical coding and other areas of healthcare, get in touch.

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